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Understanding the basics of how health insurance works and the value of having coverage will help you make a smart decision.

Health insurance protects you from unexpected medical costs

Insurance costs a lot, but having none costs more. Medical bills from even minor illness or injury can quickly deplete your savings. Even if health insurance requires you to pay certain costs out-of-pocket, it still protects you from financial ruin.

Health insurance protects you financially

Health insurance entitles you to discounted rates for health care services because insurance companies negotiate rates with health care providers. Without insurance, you may have to pay full price for health care services.

Health insurance encourages a healthier lifestyle

Many plans cover preventive services, including important screenings and immunizations. You’re more likely to take advantage of regular check-ups and preventive care if you know it will be covered.

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How will health care reform change health insurance?

You can expect many changes with reform, including improved access to insurance and better medical benefits. Reform rules are still being defined, so check how each health plan will change their medical benefits, premiums and application process. Providence reform website.

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